PowerPoint Presentation Design

PowerPoint Presentation Design in Calgary

Attractive graphics make a presentation more impactful, easier to remember and easier to understand. The PowerPoint presentation design above was produced for a Film studies class at Mount Royal University. I was part of a group presenting on Chinese martial arts films and so I took it upon myself to design a presentation for my team.

As a graphic designer in Calgary, I also work for clients who are seeking to improve their company PowerPoints or for special one-time presentations. See more of my work on my Google+ page: http://goo.gl/VJLLFC

Poster Design for Journalism Event in Calgary

Poster Design

The graphic design for this poster, which was also used as an advertisement in the Calgary Journal, was inspired by Hollywood movie posters. I volunteered my services in the effort to help organize a screening of videos produced by 3rd year journalism students at Calgary’s Mount Royal University.

Notice Magazine Concept

Notice Magazine Concept

Finding the right feel for Notice Magazine is an ongoing challenge. This concept is appeals to a mainstream lifestyle audience. It’s not exactly hitting the mark. There’s something about the layout that seems pedestrian. Next step in the process will be to experiment with more avant garde design. Stay tuned.

Trade Show Poster Designs

Trade Show Poster Design

Calgary-based Calfrac was set to attend a trade show in China and required some last-minute design work. I created a series of posters depicting the company’s key messages about people, technology and service. In addition, a special poster was designed to commemorate the milestone of “One Million Horsepower” in the Calfrac fleet.


Tablet Magazine Mockup

Notice Magazine Mockup

Notice is a work in progress. This design is an early mockup of the tablet publication. The mockup was created as part of an assignment where strict criteria dictated the number of images per page, number of quotes and overall content requirements. This had the effect of limiting the design parameters, which hugely influenced the outcome of the design. It was a good experiment, however, and provided an opportunity to explore some possible design elements for Notice Magazine.

Infographic Concept


This info graphic concept was designed for a Newspaper Design and Production class I’m taking at Mount Royal University.
The data is courtesy of http://www.expandedramblings.com

The design was created in Illustrator CS6. Everything except the Instagram icon is in vector format so the poster can be printed at large sizes without issue.


Double-sided Business Card Design

Double-sided Business Card Design


This business card design concept was created for a class assignment. It’s a modification of an early design with an updated logo and font. The new cards match the single page website that I’ll be publishing in the next few days. Now I’m wondering if I should change the “social media” to SEM.