Calgary Journal Advertisements

While I was the co-editor-in-chief of the Calgary Journal, I was offered the chance to run two advertisements for my photography business by the publisher. I chose to highlight couples photography and portrait photography because of the audience demographic of the Journal. These two newspaper ad designs feature images that I took while I was completing my communications degree at Mount Royal University.



Fruitography Video Design


The Fruitography video project involved a bit of everything, including photography, videography, video editing and some graphic design. I worked with Jose Soriano and a team of talented models, makeup artists and hair stylists to produce a series of fruit inspired, colourful fashion photos. If you’re interested in learning more, my photo blog has all the details on this studio fashion shoot.

View the Fruitography video on Vimeo

Innhabit Architectural Photography

Calgary Real Estate Photographer

Before Calgary ProPhoto’s website was launched, complete with a section dedicated to real estate photography, there was Innhabit. The purpose of the site was to provide a platform from which to promote the architectural photography of homes and commercial buildings  by Fotographix. The site was successful in its mission, but after Calgary ProPhoto was launched, it was shuttered.

Office Artwork

This series of wall art was printed, framed and displayed in grid pattern at the DDW / Apero Media office in Calgary’s Devenish Building on 17th Avenue. The designs were created in the early 2000s and were based on website projects and photography projects from that time period.

DDW Business Cards & Brochures


Printed materials still have a function, despite the logical focus on digital marketing. The business cards and brochure designs above were created as supplementary marketing collateral to be used following sales meetings with prospective clients. The brochures provided basic information about the Calgary-based marketing consultancy that supplemented information found on the firm’s website.

Photo courtesy of Calgary ProPhoto // Professional Photographers

PowerPoint Presentation Design

PowerPoint Presentation Design in Calgary

Attractive graphics make a presentation more impactful, easier to remember and easier to understand. The PowerPoint presentation design above was produced for a Film studies class at Mount Royal University. I was part of a group presenting on Chinese martial arts films and so I took it upon myself to design a presentation for my team.

As a graphic designer in Calgary, I also work for clients who are seeking to improve their company PowerPoints or for special one-time presentations. See more of my work on my company website.

Poster Design for Journalism Event in Calgary

Poster Design

The graphic design for this poster, which was also used as an advertisement in the Calgary Journal, was inspired by Hollywood movie posters. I volunteered my services in the effort to help organize a screening of videos produced by 3rd year journalism students at Calgary’s Mount Royal University.

Photos of Calgary and Luna courtesy of Calgary ProPhoto // Professional Photographers